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Here is a marvelous set of 26 RAGGY alphabet letters.
The letters pictured are ALL double sided.
With touch being an important part of learning, all these letters are backed with different textured fabrics
Towelling flannel and fleece of varying bright colours

3.75" Tall 

alphabet shapes.3

With 5 layers of fabric these raggy letters will fray gradually around the edges over time for that vintage look whilst still be 100% safe and secure

alphabet shapes.2

The possibilities are endless with these letters!  My Ben and his friends have had a blast playing with their new alphabet letters. They have spelled words, put them in order from A-Z, and I find them carrying them around the house and identifying objects that start with that letter. CUTE, EDUCATIONAL, & FUN!!!

Comes with a matching drawstring bag that can be personalised too if you wish

alphabet shapes


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