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If you follow me on Social media, then you know I love my pups!

They are all Hungarian Vizslas or a Viz cross


We had our first Vizsla Sam from a pup and he quite literally is golden,


Hugo then came into our lives in February 2016 after we lost our wonderful Spotty dog Wally :(


He was from the Hungarian Vizlsa Welfare Chairty

And this August 2018, we will be meeting Lily, A Vizlsa Pointer mix. from Cyprus

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But there are still so many Vizslas in need.

Many are dumped when they are too old to hunt and be working dogs  anymore, or may need rehoming due to a change of circumstances.


It can be a heartbreaking thing for an owner to have to go through, but this is when these charities come into their own.


So I have created a range of products that, with every sale, I will donate an amount to the Hungarian Vizsla Welfare Charity, Vizlsa Rescue Cyprus or the Cyprus dog rescue


I shall also be running in the Perkins Great Eastern Half Marathon this October 2018 and all donations will be going to the HVWC


You can follow my total or make a donation here

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