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    this year


    Oh it was so nice to have a little break,


    I adore my job, but sometimes it's nice to sit  down and relax


    BUT i'm all ready and raring to go for another bumper year thanks to all of you


    And to say a thank you,  here is a little freebie I stumbled across a few years ago

    screen shot 2016-01-05 at 11.23.04

    I have been doing these with my boys for some time now and it's amazing how things change from year to year


    So click on the jellibabies logo below and download your free ABOUT ME chart courtesy of Andrea's Notebook

    A fantastic blog with oodles of scrummy goodies



    Print one off every January, pop in a keepsake box and see what happens

    It's a great way of helping your children achieve their goals and see how they chamge as they grow


    Have a wonderful 2016 and  stop by the facebook page for regular updates new product photos and general chit chat

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  2. Huge apologies lovely Jelli fans, I have had to remove my freebie download temporarily due to an unknown copyright issue, but please rest assured I am working on finding a super special goodie to replace it with


    I will let you know when it's up and running toot sweet 

    Huge apologies once again



  3. I did a good deed yesterday..
    Driving along the VERY busy road towards maidenhead station, a beautiful fluffy cat was in terror and running from one side of the street to the other one car ahead of me, He bounced off wheels, under cars and finally got to the other side and over a wall.....

    I was mortified and it was horrible to watch,

    I turned round in knight rider style and to the houses on the other side of the wall,
    I searched for the cat under bushes, in the gardens, and knocked on doors, I HAD to know the poor thing was okay!

    Finally a lady, about my mums age cam to one of the doors and It was her cat, I explained what had happened and went off praying that the cat came home safe and sound.

    As I drove off, she shouted that he'd come in and i felt a bit better.
    I went back later that day with a packet of cat treats and a note,

    She rang me later

    Puss was okay, traumatised but okay with just a little paw injury that she could tell,

    Turns out... shes from Bristol, and her house is on troopers hill just down the road from My mum.... What a small world,
    I have now made a friend, and offered up my services as cat sitter, and I am grateful to the god of pussy's that he was okay,

    Someone did this for me when my pickle got run over, and im so greatful as I would never have known she was at the vets or had even been in an accident.

    I have "paid it forward" and I feel all warm and fluffy, and I think I deserve some chocolate, what do you think??? x

  4. Today, I thought I would talk about the different sizes and variations of blankets I sell here at Jellibabies

    I often get asked "what is a good size"

    Of course, as everything is handmade to order it is totally up to you, But here is a good rule of thumb

    giraffe animal fur print baby blanket


    Our taggy baby blankets are approx 30cm square for a small and are wonderful for a handheld comforter on the go or in a car seat

    or a large at 18" x 22"



    Our pram baby blanket..Large enough to cover a newborn in his car seat, yet small enough for a toddler to carry around without it dragging on the ground. (18" x 22")

    Our buggy/stroller baby blanket.. Slightly smaller than a typical cot blanket. Designed to cover baby in his/her stroller without a lot of extra bulk. (27" x 39")


    Our cot baby blanket.. Probably the most common size found in today's baby blanket market. Perfectly sized to wrap around an infant, and big enough to use into early toddler years. (30" x 40")

    Our toddler cot bed sizes blanket.. Over-sized baby blanket perfect for older children (or an adult throw). Also a great size for baby's tummy time on the floor and large enough to cover a cot bed  (43" x 59")

    safari jungle animals cot bed blanket playmat


    But remember, All blankets from Jellibabies  are bespoke, so you van have a small or as large as you like x